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Ana Kun: Lots of people, Lots of things
In crowds, individuals create their own personal narratives, independent from the motivation that determined them to gather, and react as a whole in key moments, sometimes staged or predetermined. Images present the diversity of the voices in public (from official to personal, private, preconstructed, spontaneous, to the point or not) and the diversity of the individuals, regardless of the manifestation (demonstration, protest, labour, tourism, religion).
The exhibition is organized on different sub-themes, one of the largest showcasing the recent history of Romania (the manifestations in support of the Government or against the OUG13). One of the works of great dimensions addresses the parallelism between two socialist demonstrations, in Romania and France. Other series of drawings look at the religious events (Saint Paraskeva pilgrimage or the sanctification of icons), aestival tourism and the standing in line (contemporary compared to communist period), nuclear disasters (Fukushima – Cernobil) and the cultural events (the crowded exhibitions compared to works in deposits).
For Ana Kun the interest of scrawling crowds is compulsive, like using the text and image in a way that complement each other without being illustrative or explicit. Her works do not polemicize or accuse, but offer a diversity of narrative voices and characters, by applying to visual art principles of literary writing. What looks like comics is in fact devoid of chronology or reading order. Ana Kun’s drawings are explored like maps, where the paths are chosen by the viewer.
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