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Candies, coffee, flour/Atelierul de Producție, Bucharest

Ioana Ciocan created the edible installation “Sweet Bucharest” for the Romanian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, in August 2010 at the ‘Atelierul de ProducÈ›ie’ www.atelieruldeproductie.ro,. “Sweet Bucharest” gave a symbolic and ludic-dimension to the architectural project “One to One (1:1)” www.unulaunu.ro.

The starting point of Ciocan’s installation was inspired by the 94m2/ person population density level of Bucharest. Geographically, Bucharest belongs to us all equally, but each person decides how much of Bucharest they are really using. The participants of the opening were invited to eat any part of Bucharest they chose while the question raised was “How much of Bucharest are we allowed to use, and how much of it is really ours to have?”


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