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”Retelling Love”

Affectionate. Resentful. Passionate. Powerless. Comforted. In despair. Long for. Hopeful. Disappointments. Satisfied. Relationships. Lust. Love, candid or physical can be found – literary – everywhere in art history: from Japanese Shunga Art to hindu erotic art, from Olympia to Susanna, love has been a favourite topic, an artist favourite subject throughout time, never abandoned and constantly reinterpreted and retold. “Retelling Love” is a complex story, designed for Parallel Vienna by four young Romanian contemporary women artists. They are presenting four distinct but joined interpretations about love stories and relationships.

Curator: Ioana Ciocan
Artists: Ana Bănică | Alina Marinescu | Daniela Gaie | Giulia Cretulescu
The project was a participant in Parallel Vienna 2016

The event is part of the White Night of the Art Galleries – NAG 2016

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