« proiect 1990 • Cristian Răduță

In Romania the digital era is coming to us dangerously late. The process of simplifying bureaucracy is only at the stage of eternal promises. For the eyes of those accustomed to the normality of friendly digital fonts, the official Romanian websites are a nightmare. Thousands and thousands of minutely written pages, that even the mighty Google cannot decipher. The sculpted Rhinoceros, by the Romanian artist Cristian Raduta, wearily carries the heavy load of decentralizing a centralized state, in a centralized way, as only a former centralized state would. A4 claims a place where Romanians have to fill in dozens of forms at the kind request of our public officials; forms that are constantly changing and being updated. The bureaucratic land of Romania is a place where the laws are final until they are cancelled, and where the ordinances contradict and cancel each other out by clever implementations.

Cristian Raduta (born 1982) has an artistic repertoire which is unified by its simple aesthetic. After spending two years at the “Vasile Parvan” fellowship in Rome, the artist decided to return to Romania to continue his academic career and doctorate degree. His work can be found in the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, The Canadian Clay and Glass Museum in Waterloo and in private collections.

„Proiect 1990” marchează o serie de evenimente care au ca scop amplasarea unor lucrări de artă contemporană temporare pe soclul din Piaţa Presei, rămas liber încă din 1990. Iniţiatorul „Proiect 1990” este Ioana Ciocan, asist. dr. în cadrul Universităţii Naţionale de Artă din Bucureşti, iar lucrarea lui Cristian Răduță este cea de-a treisprezecea lucrare expusă în cadrul „Proiect 1990” de la demararea acestuia în ianuarie 2010.

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