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—We are out of the blue.
We open our eyes and here it is.
—E V E R Y T H I N G! Every moment, every day, over and over again, from the beginning till the end – which we call death, but it might as well be named the ultimate bulls*it. It doesn’t matter.
Rules, games, sounds, colors, shapes, light, darkness, feelings, similarities, everything is different, everything is the same, everything is beautiful, absurd and grotesque, everything is fair, everything is a f**k-up. We got it all. We name each element. We make up instructions. We follow and then create new sets of instructions.
We play the game.
We strive for meaning. Whatever falls outside the meaning drives us crazy, leaves us puzzled, without direction, scared to death. There is no meaning? F**k, we create the meaning! We never give up. It’s got to be something there. It’s about faith. It’s about money. It’s about love, hate, and everything in between. It’s about power. It’s about resilience. It’s about values.
—What is valuable?
—Money, houses, knowledge, gold, tulip bulbs, coffee, pepper, oil, shiny cars, plastic youth, immortality, a toilet when you’re stuck in the subway and you really have to go, respect, words, family, future, history, the soft touch of a hand on a shoulder.

Failure in gripping the essence. Do it again. Next generation. Error. Reboot and reload.
…and we continue to be. Out of the blue.

Ana Bănică, Claudia Braileanu, Mihaela Buhaev, Norbert FilepAndrei GamartBianca Mann, Alina Marinescu, Răzvan Năstase, Vlad Olariu – Artist PageLea RasovszkyRoman Tolici
A group show curated by Ioana Ciocan

Photo: Adi Bulboacă


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