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On the occasion of Joanei Vaconselos’s visit to Romania- the most important Portuguese contemporary visual artist today- the Romanian Cultural Institute is organizing an exhibition entitled ‘From Textile to tactile- A Dream World’. Three young contemporary artists have been invited to participate: Ana Bănică, Dorina Horătău and Ioana Stanca. The curator of the exhibition is Ioana Ciocan, the Vice President of the Union of Romanian Fine Artists.

‘From Textile to Tactile- A Dream World’- will include textile installations with mixed media techniques; all three artists being preoccupied with the composition of the interior space and the symbolic integration of textiles in everyday life. Through this artistic action, it is hoped that the textiles, created with conventional and unconventional materials, will lead to the salvation, recovery and reinterpretation of the artistic legacy, by enriching it with natural elements.The artwork is a blend of textile mixes, handmade with natural fibers; giving rise to installations- ambient textile objects. From the reinterpreted Romanian timbers, to tactile textile sculptures, a world full of profoundly personal experiences emerges. An imaginary world of a universal dream.


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