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The exhibition, which gathers teachers and students from the Graphics Department of the National University of Art, Bucharest, offers visitors of the National Art Museum from Cluj-Napoca a vast selection of works that cover different areas of artistic manifestation specific to Graphic Arts. The works illustrate the preoccupations of a higher education artistic institute.
Without trying to scan the whole educational process which takes place at the Graphics Department, the exhibiton is structured around the idea of knowledge transfer in one of the most permissive areas, where the idea itself of teaching and learing can take the most liberal and interesting forms. Even though the selection of works targets diverse techniques, from drawing to engraving to photography and digital print, there is still a pressing defining preoccupation, common to all exhibitos: the attention given to the representation and understanding of the world through drawing.
Last but not least, it should be underlined that the presence of the Graphics Department exhibition of Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca, follows an ample exhibiton opened a year ago by the teachers and students of the Painting Department and is part of a chain of actions from a partnership of the National University of Arts, Bucharest and the Cluj-based museum institution.
Prof. univ. dr. Mihai Mănescu, Conf. univ. dr. Nicolae Aurel Alexi, Conf. univ. dr. Nistor Coita, Conf. univ. dr. Eugen Alexandru Gustea, Conf. univ. dr. Florin Stoiciu, Conf. univ. dr. Stela Lie, Conf. univ. dr. Ion Atanasiu, Lector univ. dr. Gheorghe Colcitu, Lector univ. dr. Anca Boeriu, Lector univ. dr. Carmen Apetrei, Lector univ. dr. Ovidiu Croitoru, Asist univ. dr. Cristian Ţârdel, Assist univ. dr. Anca Laura Anghel, Assist. univ. dr. Oana Bordeanu, Assist. univ. dr. Felicia Maria Ionescu, Assist. univ. Carla Ştefania Duschka, Assist. univ. dr. Andrei Ciubotaru, Asist. univ. dr. Ioana Ciocan, Assist. univ. associate drd. Adrian Constantin Medeleanu, Assist. univ. associate drd. Cătălina Vasilescu, Assist. univ. associate drd. Răzvan-Constantin Caratăsnase, Assist. univ. associate drd. Dana Vasiliu.
Octavia Bălălău, Andreea Dobrin, Diana Epure, Adriana Falub, Luciana Gheghu, Răzvan Hogea, Filip Ilu, Sorin Nistor, Maria Onete, Florina Oprescu, Flavia Popescu, Roxana Tănase, Bogdan Topîrceanu, Ana Tudor, Paula Tudor-Cămîrzan, Bogdan Bădescu, Delia Băluță, Lia Bîra, Diana Blaga, Cristina Călinescu, Daniela Crosman, Georgeta Gherghinoiu, Irina Iliescu, Cristina Iordan, Alina Marinescu, Robert Marinescu, Gabriela Mateescu, Andreea Mitică, Adina Mocanu, Mircea Modreanu, Carmen Nistor, Alexandra Sandu, Dragoș Serafim, Bianca Udrea, Bogdan Vigu.

This artwork is in a private collection.

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