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National Museum of Contemporary Art-Bucharest

Curator: Bojana Pejić (Berlin)

Co-Curator: Olivia Nițiș (Bucharest)

Good Girls is an international exhibition offering a broad perspective on contemporary women’s art practices. The exhibition is structured around three concepts central to contemporary women’s practices worldwide: memory, desire and power. The Memory section presents artworks relating to issues of collective remembrance and individual memory. The works deal with the re-construction of family histories, trauma and loss, collective amnesia and with re-writing women’s histories and genealogies. Desire comprises works investigating multiple configurations of identity, corporeality and sexuality. Artists question culturally-shaped stereotypes of femininity and its normative representation. The section of Power gathers the artworks around forms of social critique and activism. Deconstructing ideologies and discussing power relations as well as community work and ethical aspects shape artists’ political comments within various cultural borders.

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