Projects 2011

Brilliant taste

Edible rose installation/Cărturești, București Five Romanian contemporary artists – Ioana Ciocan, Dan Pierșinaru , Cuzina, Dan Vezentan and Electric Brother created five installations inspired by the five senses (Ciocan-taste, Pierşinaru-touch, Cuzina-smell, Pierșinaru-touch, Vezentan-sight, Electric Brother- hearing). Installations commissioned by HTC and Vodafone.

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Because of

Print/Bestfest Festival, Voluntari Referring to the most common grammatical mistakes made in the Romanian language today. The artwork was exhibited at the ‘Gibraltar Ultraperiferic Art corner’, an interactive analog art platform created by Aurel Tar.

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One for me, one for you

Una mie, una ție

Painting on pork rump/ UNArte Gallery, Bucharest Curators: senior lecturer, Dr. Eugen Gustea/lecturer, Dr. Carmen Apetrei “Împărțirea ciolanului” [The dividing of a pork rump] is a well known Romanian with negative connotations expression referring to the division of power between those that already have it. This artwork was created before […]

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