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With his work widely exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, Alexandru Rădvan stands out as an artist with a clear and definite artistic speech since the early 2000s.

In his art, Rădvan explores universal ideas, often referring to ancient myths, religious themes – the series of Imperator, Minotaur, Constantin the Great, Juda’s Tribute, Christ, Ulises, Apollo. The artist easily passes on from one medium to another (painting, papercut, sculpture, installation).

Alexandru Rădvan has exhibited in Romania and abroad for almost 18 years. Some of his artworks are part of public collections, such as the one from the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, but also of private collections from Austria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Israel, Romania or USA.

The wide and generous spaces from Hanul Gabroveni are the perfect frame for the exhibition The Oldest Day, a well defined artistic approach containing around 25 artworks (large scale oil paintings, collages and sculptures) with a deep emotional and esthetic impact.

Speaking upon his work, Alexandru Rădvan says: „We could accept this world we live in as the best from all the worlds that may exist, we could consider our universe the only true universe, we could believe that our life is an opportunity to practice our whim and that afterwards there is nothing. I prefer the opposite of all these points of view. I stick to my right as a human being not to necessarily and automatically agree with the reality and all those principles considered absolute truths.”

The exhibition The Oldest Day offers people the opportunity to explore an artistic universum which doens’t create absolute truths, but which creates a vivid, humanly capricious dialogue, in a continuous reinvention.

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