‘Here’s what we’re going to do, quipped 030701,’ suddenly feeling homesick following the inter-galactic journey. ‘We’re going
to take a break here. This place looks picture perfect!’
‘Here?’, smiled 010307… ‘Oh, indeed, this is picture perfect! A perfect setting for a perfect future, for both of us…’
The cosy garden, the Romanian-style house located at 21, Lirei St. and the strangely shaped female body adorning its roof
suddenly seemed to be the perfect place for the two space travellers, 030701 and 010307. They had reached the meeting
point with their Future Perfect, just as Denisa Curte had wished her white travellers would.
‘We’ve built this world over a number of years and, quite unintentionally, every new shape seemed to add to the earlier one
while anticipating the next. Everything here takes places quietly, in a sidereal time which is unfolding in slow motion, whether
by sliding or flying away, devoid of any notion of conflict, in the aseptic, solar atmosphere of a nursing home, sometimes
gigantic, at other times, minuscule, according to the object being considered against.’(Denisa Curte)
These two anthropomorphic creatures, 030701 and 010307, came out of the netherworld anticipating the Planet that other
visitors are invited to discover. Thus, these ripened cyber fruits will enact their well-established roles in their own planet’s
ecosystem equilibrium right here, at Aiurart, as part of Aiurart’s one year-old En plein Air Sculpture programme celebrations.
Denisa Curte (b. 1979, Cluj-Napoca) has previously exhibited at the Pecsi Galeria (Hungary), the Art Museum in Bratislava
(Slovakia), the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca, the Art Museum in Arad, the ArteBronce Galeria in A Guarda (Spain) etc. In 2010
she was awarded a PhD in Visual Arts (from the Faculty of Arts and Design, in Timişoara).
Denisa Curte lives and works in Cluj-Napoca. 030701 and 010307: Future Perfect was specially created for the En plein Air
Sculpture programme at Aiurart.

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