About me

Ioana Ciocan is an independent curator based in Bucharest (RO), General Manager of Art Safari Bucharest, vice president of the Union of Fine Artists in Romania, and member of the Scientific Council of Cotroceni National Museum. In 2015-16 she was part of the Curatorium team who developed the bid for Bucharest 2021 – European Capital of Culture. Ciocan is the initiator and coordinator of the following art in public spaces programs:

  • Keep the Change, Lea Rasovszky, art in public spaces (London, UK, August 2016 and Leicester, UK, September 2015);
  • Proiect 1990 (Free Press Sq., Bucharest, January 2010-April 2014),  SPAM (Carol 1st Park, Bucharest, October 2012-October 2014) and
  • Sculpture en plein air at Aiurart, 2012-2013.

She curated:

  • From Love. Moral Facts program-(National Contemporary Art Museum Bucharest; Victoria Art Center, Bucharest and Ciclop, Bucharest);
  • After 25 Years program at NAG Pop Up Gallery, Bucharest. In November 2014, she co curated with Cees Hendrikse (NL) Tranformation. Romanian Sculpture 25 years after the Revolution at Beelden Ann Zee Museum in The Hague (NL).

Ioana Ciocan is a lecturer on a regular basis at various conferences regarding Art in Public Spaces and Curatorial practice (Art embraces brands 2017, Raiffeisen Bank 2016; Timisoara Architecture Annual 2015; Ministry of Culture – Centre for Professional Training in Culture; University of Bucharest – Faculty of Political Science; Mora Foundation;  Arts Management Institute; Association for the Promotion of  Contemporary Art etc.).

Jury member for: Diploma (2018), V for Vintage (2018), Toyota Dream Car Art Contest (2018); Bucharest Logo, contest launched by Bucharest City Hall (2017); The Diploma Festival (2016); The Equestrian Statue – Contemporary Subject, the contest launched by the Art Encounters Foundation with the support of Timisoara City Hall and Timisoara Local Council, as part of the Timisoara Biennial Architecture BETA (2016); Association for Contemporary Identity, Design Contest (2015), Curatorial projects competition – Union of Fine Artists in Romania (2015); Art on Display (2014); Expanded Space IVth edition (2014), SPAM, Ist edition Copy/Paste (2013).

From 2011 she is an associate editor for Arta Magazine and Ciocan published at Vellant a+b (2016), Transformation. Romanian Sculpture 25 Years After the Revolution (2015) and Proiect 1990-art in Public Spaces, Bucharest 2010-2014 (2014)For online ordering please press here.

Proiect 1990 was initiated in January 2010 when she had a replica (Ciocan vs. Ulyanov) of the statue of V. I. Lenin by Boris Caragea installed on the empty statue base in the Free Press Square, Bucharest. Proiect 1990 highlights her focus in Propaganda Art and also her desire to revitalize an area of Bucharest with a tumultuous history that has largely been ignored since the advent of democracy. Artists invited to exhibit through this initiative created by Ciocan have succeeded over four years to create a new identity for the former location of Caragea’s Lenin. All of the artworks exhibited have made critical artistic statements about Romanian socio-political life.

Photo: Adi Bulboacă
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