Art on Display by Ephemair Association

ART ON DISPLAY will extend in the urban space the events that are part of Bucharest Art Weekend, turning downtown Bucharest into a temporary art gallery by organizing exhibitions and displaying installations in commercial spaces from October 16th to 26th, 2014.

ART ON DISPLAY will have an unconventional opening – urban promenade, on Thursday, October 16th, 6 pm. From October 16th to 26th, 2014, in parallel with the Bucharest Art Weekend program (October 18th-19th, 2014), downtown Bucharest will become a temporary art gallery, hosting exhibitions and installations in commercial spaces with access to the main boulevards of the center zone of the city. This approach proposes a reflection on the current aesthetics of the city, forcing a dialogue with the excess of commercial images that are polluting everyday life in Bucharest. Therefore, a certain tension is about to rise from the intersection between the seductive images of marketing and the need of artists to be present and part of the public space.

There are 10 special projects that will be part of the event, by artists invited by Ioana Ciocan (artist, curator), Suzana Dan (artist, cultural manager) and Diana Marincu (curator).

ARTISTS: Apparatus 22, Bogdan Ciocodeică & Diana Roșu, Andreea Dobrin, Radu Mocanu, Ada Mușat, Mircea Nicolae, Buleu Pompiliu, Lea Rasovszky, Iulia Toma, Sorina Vazelina.

SPACES: Hotel Chėrica Constanța – Calea Victoriei 87-89, As Travel – Calea Victoriei 81, George Enescu National Museum – Calea Victoriei 141, Liliac Pop Up Store – Magheru One – Blvd. Gen. Gheorghe Magheru 1, NAG Info Point – Amzei Square 5, Musette – Calea Victoriei 114.

Project team: Ioana Ciocan, Suzana Dan, Diana Marincu, Andrei Nastasa, Silvia Rogozea, Alexandru Voinescu.

ART ON DISPLAY Bucharest is a project of Ephemair Association, financed by ARCUB/ cultural program Bucharest 555. Partners: MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art), Consulting Business Alliance, Magheru One, R77, Crama Liliac, Musette, George Enescu National Museum,  As Travel, Hotel Chėrica Constanța, Liliac Pop Up Store.

Media Partners: The re:art, Revista Arta, igloo, Zeppelin, weart, TV City, The Institute, bookblog, Reforma, feeder


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