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José Antonio Vega Macotela&Chantal Peñalosa Navarro

saluting from the Gaze/Una mirada by Antonio Vega&Chantal Peñalosa

In 1960 a statue of Lenin by Boris Caragea, 6 meters in height, was placed in Free Press Square in Bucharest. The bronze statue, of monolithic proportions, watched with loving leadership over, what was named back then, Piața Scânteii. After the 1989 Romanian Revolution, Lenin’s statue was (in March 1990) […]

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Radio România Actualități/Ileana Oancea


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Ileana Oancea

Parcul Carol

SPAM plinth, will host its fourth project from 10th September through 21st October 2013; a winner of the SPAM Copy / Paste contest: ‘Countess’ created by Ileana Oancea. “French porcelain was once a respected craft, carefully mastered by true artists. Unfortunately the industrial revolution changed this once exclusive craft into […]

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